Great Green Smoothie

In my classes I talk a lot about nutrition during pregnancy.  I really feel like nutrition is very important at all times in our lives, however, pregnancy is often a turning point for many women.  It’s a point when they first begin to look at what they are putting into their bodies for the first time.

I encourage all moms (pregnant or not) to eat a balanced diet, consisting mainly of whole foods.  I have my students track what they eat over the course of their childbirth education, and try to help them come up with ideas to fill in the gap where their nutrition may be lacking.

One area that I’ve notice many moms struggling with is eating enough leafy greens.  At this time of year, greens are just coming into season again, but one can only eat so many salads before they grow tiresome.  I wanted to share my favorite recipe for a simple green smoothie, so yummy,  even kids (at least mine) will be begging for you to make more.

This recipe was given to me by local midwife, Jen Anderson-Tarver, but I’ve played with it a bit to suit personal tastes and moods.

To a blender add:

1/2 pound kale, tough stems removed
1 cup plain yogurt
1 cup sliced frozen peaches, or approx. 1 frozen peach, unsweetened
And 1 of the following of your choice:  either 1 whole carrot, 1/2 a banana, OR 1/2 cup frozen blueberries

Blend until smooth, pour into glasses and enjoy!

The original recipe calls for the half a banana, but I don’t really care for bananas in smoothies.  They are a bit too sweet for me.  So I substitute the carrot, which is a little sweet, but not too much.  The blueberries are a good choice if you don’t want your smoothie to actually be green… great for those with an aversion to green foods.

This is the smoothie my four year old and two year old ask for over and over.  My husband usually makes it with a carrot for me, and they like it just fine.  They’ve even bragged to the neighborhood kids about how good it is.  So if you’re having trouble getting enough greens in your diet, try a green smoothie – yum!


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