Breastfeeding in the News (Again!)

This week these was a lot of hubbub over some comments made by a radio personality in South Carolina about breastfeeding in public.  The female show host made some pretty destructive and bigoted comments about breastfeeding in public, including calling it indecent.  I do not wish to post a link to the radio show because I believe that her comments are hurtful to breastfeeding mothers, and I don’t wish to promote her.

Instead, I’d like to link to Kourtney Kardashian’s blog about her breastfeeding her son, Mason, despite negative comments from those around her. Kourtney says,

“Mason is now six months old and has only been fed breast milk up until this week! I just started incorporating solid foods into his diet. We began with a mixture of rice cereal, oatmeal cereal and mixed grain cereal with some breast milk added. When I introduced it to him, he seemed confused — but ready and excited for it!

I still want to continue breastfeeding for maybe another six months or as long as Mason still wants it. I’ve heard that some babies just get over it and stop nursing. But personally, I’m still loving it. I love the bonding time, love that it’s natural and what your body is made to do, love the benefits for his body and mine. I find it to be such an amazing womanly thing.”

I just love seeing celebrities out there doing things like breastfeeding and talking about co-sleeping and other natural parenting issues.  It seems to normalize it for a lot of people in our culture, and I think that is a good thing.

Additionally, one good thing came from the radio show – I found a link to Kate Hansen’s beautiful art blog.  She refuted the radio host’s ignorant comments with some beautiful artwork of nursing mothers.  I loved it.  Her post was part of a Nursing in Public blog carnival.  Click the badge below for more articles on breastfeeding in public.

Art by Erika Hastings at


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