Cloth Diaper Review: Fuzzi Bunz

Fuzzi Bunz diapers are the diapers I originally bought when I had my first baby.  I did not try any other diapers before buying them, but simply invested in them based on friends’ recommendations and online reviews.  Now days, parents have the option of buying a fitted diaper from Fuzzi Bunz called the Perfect Fit (they come in preemie, small, medium, large, petite, etc.) or a One Size, that has many snaps like the Rump-A-Rooz to fit from birth to 35 pounds or so.  When I bought my Fuzzi Bunz they didn’t make the One Size, so this review is specific to the Perfect Fit style of Fuzzi Bunz.

Also note that I know a bit more about these diapers than the others I reviewed, since I’ve used them on two babies now, and the others for only nine days total.

Fuzzi Bunz Perfect Fit

These diapers are another pocket-style diaper.  They are very similar to the Rump-A-Rooz, except that the placement of the pocket is higher up in the back of the diaper and there are no inner gussets.  The outer waterproof layer is also PUL (polyester on the exterior and urethane laminate on the interior) and has a microfleece inner layer (the part that touches baby).  Fuzzi Bunz close with two rows of snaps.  They come with a micro-terry insert.

My Experience: Fuzzi Bunz are a great diaper all around.  The inserts can easily be doubled in the pocket to make them more absorbent at night or for heavy wetters.  They do not leak as long as baby is wearing the right size.  My boys are long, and I found that when they started getting lots of leaky diapers, it was time to move up in size – not because of waist circumference, but because of the length of the rise.  Although the Fuzzi Bunz website says that most babies only use smalls and mediums from birth until potty training, I found that I needed the large size too for my boys.

The leg casings are cute and function well for the most part, but I would not call them “mini-gussets” as the site claims they are.  Especially after using the Rump-A-Roos.  With newborn babies, I’ve found that the Fuzzi Bunz tend to be susceptible to blow outs, but in fairness, I did not try the other brands on a newborn, and I know that even disposables have that problem as well.

The placement of the pocket is great for just shaking the inserts out into the diaper pail.  I never have to reach in and risk getting poop on my fingers.  The diapers I own have been long lasting.  I used them exclusively on my boys and then sold the smalls and mediums with lots of life to spare on craigslist.  My youngest is still wearing the larges.

I recently bought a few extra diapers and was dismayed that on one diaper the urethane lining separated from the polyester shell in the wash, rendering the diaper useless (and super leaky!).  When I contacted Fuzzi Bunz, they quickly replaced the affected diaper, and sent some free cloth wipes along in the package to compensate me for shipping charges.  When it happened a second time, I asked why it was happening to these new diapers when it had never happened to any of my old ones and was told that they are now getting their PUL material from China and sometimes get a bad bolt.  This was disappointing to me, but the service was still great and the replacement diapers have not had the same problem.  Note that the graphic I used is not their current one, so I don’t know if the rest of the diapers are still made in the USA or not.  I could not find the information on the website.


  • They come with an insert.
  • Good pocket design (can just shake the insert out of the diaper without touching it).
  • No leaking as long as the rise is not too short (in other words, as long as baby is wearing the right size).
  • Come in lots of fun colors and prints.
  • Good value over the life of the diaper.
  • High resale value on craigslist or other sites.
  • Good warranty and customer service.


  • Higher up-front cost.
  • Need to be ordered online or at specialty baby stores.
  • Have to buy multiple sets (each size) to make it from birth to potty training.
  • No inner gussets.
  • Have to buy additional inserts if you have a heavy wetter.
  • The urethane laminate sometimes separates from the polyester on the outer layer.

Price: $16.45 to $17.95 per diaper.  For 16 diapers in each of three sizes, it would be $789.60 to get you from birth until potty training lasting for two years or more for one baby.

Note that the Fuzzi Bunz One Size diapers (that I have not tried) run $18.45 to $19.95 each, but 24 of them should last you from birth until potty training and that will run about $442.80.



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