Cloth Diaper Review: Kushies Classic

During the nine day study I participated in, the other type of cloth diaper I got to try was the Kushies Baby Classic diapers.

Kushies Baby Classic Diapers

These diapers are an All-In-One (AIO) cloth diaper.  That means that there are no inserts like the pocket diapers.  Essentially, they are the most like disposables in the ease-of-use category.

Kushies are made up of 8 layers of cotton flannel, with a waterproof barrier, as well as a built in two layer flap for extra absorbency.  The flap can be manipulated or folded over to be extra absorbent where you baby needs it (think: in the middle for girls and up front for boys).  They close with hook and loop (Velcro).

Kushies recommends using a Diaper Wrap for night time, nap time and heavy wetters.

My Experience: The diapers that I used in the study were soft cotton, but they were a bit pilly on the outside from washing.  Although the Kushies website says they have an “inner waterproof barrier” I could not see or feel it, and like I mentioned yesterday, my son is a heavy wetter, so these diapers leaked on him..  Kushies does recommend using these diapers with a Diaper Wrap, but they weren’t provided during our study, so I can’t say if that would have helped.  I did find that the double layered flap is not sewn closed, and one of the inserts from the Rump-A-Rooz fit nicely inside.  This helped slow down the leaking.  So there is room for some customization there.

The sizing on the diapers fit my son nicely at nine months old.  They were not bulky and the Velcro was quick and easy.  They are supposed to fit from 10-22 pounds (which for many babies is until about a year).  I think they’d be big on a newborn baby.  These diapers are the most affordable of the three I’ve tried.


  • Cute colors and prints
  • Available at national chain stores
  • AIO’s are convenient, no stuffing pockets.
  • The inner flap is customizable to your baby.
  • Only two sizes to buy.
  • Most affordable up front.


  • Leaked when used without the Diaper Wrap.
  • Have to buy two sets (one in each size) to make it from birth to potty training.

Price: $61.99 for a five pack so a set of 20 would be $247.96.  Most likely, a Toddler size set (from 22-35 pounds) would also be needed, and that would bring the total to $495.92 for one baby for two years or more.  This does not include the Diaper Wraps which are $8.49 to $8.99 each.

Also, worth mentioning that Kushies offers “Ultra Diapers” which are a similarly designed AIO’s that don’t need the Diaper Wraps for $12.40-15.49 each, however these are not the kind I tried out.



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