Cloth Diaper Review: Rump-A-Rooz

A few months back, my youngest son and I participated in a infant feeding study.  During the last nine days of the study, we were required to collect stool samples from every diaper he wore.  The study provided cloth diapers that had been washed in a special soap for these nine days, so I had the opportunity to try a couple of different brands of cloth diapers (besides my own, which I could not use during the study).  I thought I’d offer up a review of the diapers we tried, in case it helps other parents decide what kind of diapers to go with.  One of the diaper brands provided in the study were Rump-A-Rooz.


These diapers are a pocket style diaper, meaning that the diaper its self it made up of two layers: the outer one being water proof, and the inner one, meant to wick moisture away from your baby’s bum.  There is an opening between the layers (the pocket) where you can put in various absorbent inserts, adjusting for your baby’s individual needs.

The Rump-A-Rooz outer layer is made of PUL, which is polyester with a urethane laminate that makes it waterproof.  It’s soft poly on the outside and kind of shiny on the inside.  The inside layer, which is against baby’s skin, is no-pill “microchamois” (fleece) and is hypo-allergenic.

A few features that make the Rump-A-Rooz unique are the inner gussets sewn into the fleece, as well as the adjustable rise.  They are also available with a snap or hook and loop (Velcro) closure.  They come with two adjustable micro-terry inserts that can snap together in different configurations for different absorbency.

My Experience: The Rump-A-Rooz were very soft and the adjustable rise was nice for a custom fit.  My son is a heavy wetter and I liked that it had multiple different sized inserts that I could use to customize the absorbency levels depending on nap time, overnight, or normal use.  The inner gussets were a real plus when he had a stool.  The poop did not leak, and came out easily.  The diapers seemed to fit snugly and did not have any gaps around the legs.  I did not like the placement of the pocket opening however, because I could not just shake the insert out of the pocket, but instead had to reach in (and sometimes get poop on my fingers) to get it out.

Because I did not get to try these for more than nine days, I can not testify to whether or not the “microchamois” is indeed no-pill, but I did not see any pilling or staining on the diapers, and I know they had been used by several other nine month olds for nine days each before my son.


  • The inner gussets.
  • The adjustable rise.  These diapers supposedly fit “from birth (6.5 lbs) to potty training (35+ lbs).”
  • Very customizable.
  • They are local (to Colorado, that is) in Golden.
  • They come with the inserts you need.
  • No leaking.
  • Come in lots of fun colors and prints.
  • Good value over the life of the diaper.
  • High resale value on craigslist or other sites.


  • The placement of the pocket opening.
  • Higher up-front cost.
  • Need to be ordered online or at specialty baby stores.

Price: $21.00 to 25.50 per diaper.  16 diapers will run you $360 or 24 for $528, but that should cover you for about two years or more for one baby.


Stay tuned for my reviews of Kushies and Fuzzi Bunz!


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