DOULA! The Ultimate Birth Companion

How exciting!  I just found out from a Facebook friend that there is a new film, set to launch this June all about doulas!  Many mothers are chosing to give birth with doulas as a part of their support team.  But some parents (or grandparents or friends) still have questions about what a doula does and what her role in birth is. 

Here are a few frequently asked questions about doulas, with answers from 

What is a doula? 

A DOULA (n:pronounced doo-luh) is a professional birth companion, an experienced woman who supports you before, during and after your birth. Like having your mum, sister or best friend with you when you have your baby.

You can hire a doula whether you are planning a home birth or a birth in a hospital.  She is there to help you have the birth you want. 

What’s the difference between a doula and a midwife?

Midwives are responsible for everything medical and so it is midwives who “deliver” the babies, doula’s don’t do anything medical.

Unless you are working with an independent midwife, then midwives work on shift systems and so your midwife during labour will probably be replaced by another midwife shift changes.  Also, if you have your baby in hospital, midwives may “pop in and out” during your labour as they maybe be tending to other women at the same time, returning for the actual birth. Doulas stay by your side for the entirety of the labour and birth, however long it lasts, they don’t have shift changes and they finally leave a few hours after the baby is born when the mum is completely settled.

What about dads/partners?

The doula is there to support both the mum and her partner. It’s a 3-way positive relationship where everything the doula does is for the good of both expectant parents. By providing practical support, this frees up the partner to be with the mum 100% of the time. By providing emotional support, the doula is the rock which either parent can rely on; she is there to answer any questions and to be the advocate if needed, or to step in if the partner needs to rest. It’s not about the doula taking over, it’s about her working with the parents to help them have the birth they want!

Here’s a trailer:


This summer, look for FREE screening dates of “DOULA! The Ultimate Birth Companion” from Sweet Sprouts!  To find out more about the film, check out the website:, and make sure to check out our links to find a doula in the Denver area!


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