Using Cloth Wipes

If you already cloth diaper, it seems only natural that you would use cloth wipes, right?  Well, I know many moms who don’t always start out that way.  For some reason it just seems weird to us.  Maybe it’s because we are so used to wiping our own bums with toilet paper, or maybe it seems messy, or maybe it just doesn’t occur to us.  But using cloth wipes makes cloth diapering so much easier.  Not only is it better for the environment, but it’s better for our babies bums.  And it makes it much simpler at the changing table too… only one diaper pail instead of one pail for the diapers and a trash can for the wipes. 

Recently I read a post on the Simple Organic blog by Megan of Sorta Crunchy.  The post is called “How to Make and Use Cloth Wipes.”  I loved it and thought I would share a few tidbits here.  Make sure to click the link to read the full post. 

Why switch to cloth wipes?

 1. If you are cloth diapering, it is simply so much easier to switch to cloth wipes as well. The wipe can be tucked into the dirty diaper and goes through the diaper laundry.

2. Disposable wipes sold commercially contain ingredients that provide cause for concern. Recently I looked over a package of one popular brand’s “sensitive” baby wipes.  Amongst the ingredients were potassium laureth sphosphate, malic acid, and tocopheryl acetate – all of which score as “moderate” hazards in the Skin Deep cosmetic safety database.

Even more alarming, however, was the inclusion of methylparabenan ingredient which has been given a score of 10 by Skin Deep – the highest possible level of concern.

And bear in mind these are wipes we are using to clean the most sensitive and delicate skin on our children’s bodies.

Pretty compelling reasons to switch, right?  But what about storage?  Well, I keep three baskets on the shelf of my changing table.  One for diapers, one for inserts, and one for wipes.  Then I just squirt water on a dry wipe at each diaper change.  I use the peri-bottle that I got postpartum.  I don’t use a diaper solution, but many moms do. 

Here are Megan’s suggestions on the subject.

How do I store cloth wipes?

Used cloth wipes can go right in with dirty cloth diapers.  For those no longer cloth diapering but interested in using cloth wipes for the family, check out Crunchy Chicken’s suggestions on cloth wipes set-up.

For clean wipes, there are two different approaches – keep them in a wipes solution or store them dry and wet as you go.

If you like the convenience of pre-moistened wipes, you can re-use a disposable wipes container. Fold the wipes and soak them in a solution you’ve prepared.  I preferred to keep stacks of dry wipes with the diapers and then used  a squirt bottle filled with wipes solution to wet them as needed.

Where do you get them?  Can you make them?  Well, Megan covers that too in her post, but they can easily be made from old or new material, terry cloth, flannel, fleece, whatever really.  You can buy wipes on etsy or where ever they sell cloth diapers as well.  My wipes are square and when folded in half fit into one of those plastic wipes containers.  Handy for the diaper bag.  I get three or four wet, pop them in the container and hit the road.  Once you start using cloth wipes, you will probably never go back.  And once you’ve done that, who knows what else you might be comfortable using cloth for?


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