What Happened in 1980?

Yesterday, MSNBC reported on VBAC.  A government panel recently concluded that “Too many pregnant women who want to avoid a repeat cesarean delivery are being denied the chance.”  That’s right, denied the chance. 

15 years ago, 3 in 10 women who desired a VBAC were able to so, but recently those rates have dropped by a third, to 1 in 10.  According to a panel of specialists, this is due to one third of hospitals and half of physicians banning women from attempting VBAC. 

Why is this so?

“It’s partly concern over litigation, the NIH panel said, because while a uterine rupture remains very rare, it can be devastating to the family and end in a high-dollar lawsuit.”

So is VBAC safe?  Well, look at what doctors and hospitals have known, but many seem to be ignoring, since 1980,

“But in 1980, government experts concluded that many mothers could safely deliver vaginally the next time, citing evidence that their risk of a uterine rupture was less than 1 percent.”

That’s right, 1980!!!  The article goes on,

“VBAC remains a safe alternative for the right candidates, and when those women try labor, between 60 percent and 80 percent of the time they do give birth vaginally, the NIH panel concluded. It urged that doctors offer mothers-to-be an unbiased look at the pros and cons, so they can decide for themselves.

“We believe that many women should have an opportunity to give it a try,” said panelist and Delaware obstetrician Dr. Nancy Frances Petit of the U.S. Uniformed Health Services.”

To read the entire article on MSNBC.com, and watch the video, click here.


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