In the News: Gisele Bundchen’s Home Birth

Super model, Gisele Bundchen talks about her recent home birth.  She gave birth to her son, Benjamin, in the bath tub.  Using words like intense, powerful, safe, strong and empowering, it’s the kind of encouraging birth story we love to see in the media. 

A few quotes from the new mama:

“I wanted to have a home birth. I wanted to be very aware and present during the birth… I didn’t want to be drugged up. So I did a lot of preparation, I did yoga and meditation, so I managed to have a very tranquil birth at home. It didn’t hurt in the slightest. The whole time my mind was focused in each contraction on the thought ‘my baby is closer to coming out.'”

She said,

“Giving birth was the most intense and life-changing experience of my life. I am blessed to have been able to have a home birth surrounded by love , where I was able to feel safe. It was a powerful experience. I never felt so vulnerable but so strong at the same time. It was amazing to experience my body become free to do what it was made to do by allowing my mind and my body to let go and be free to experience the changes taking place within… I was just there… focusing on my breathing and relaxing the best that I could… so present, to witness the biggest miracle in my life happen before my very own eyes. To give life to another being, what a gift! “When he finally was placed into my arms, I looked into his precious eyes and felt an overwhelming, unconditional love. I felt a huge sense of accomplishment. “We did it!” “We did it together!” He and I. I never felt so complete and empowered in my life.”

Gisele started her own blog, launching yesterday, where she talked about her birth experience.  Check it out and let me know what you think of her story.


2 responses to “In the News: Gisele Bundchen’s Home Birth

  1. I have had both of my boys, Zavier & Bodhi naturally at home and it was incredible.
    I often found it funny when I would be out shopping or in public when the first question I was asked was “What hospital are you booked into” and the second question “What are you having?”, to that I would always answer “a baby”.
    No one considered a home birth and most were also surprised that I hadn’t had a ultrasound to find out the sex of the baby.
    I consider myself to be a very strong person and felt I could deal with other peoples comments, fears and concerns around me not having my babies in a hospital. But there were certainly times where I felt unsupported.
    It saddened me to meet so many women who didn’t have the confidence in themselves, their bodies or their baby. Booking in for a c-section with little regard for the health of their baby or knowledge of the negative effects of the drugs and surgery they planned to have.
    Both my births were beautiful and empowering, safe and nurturing. I urge all women to remember the power of their body to deliver a beautiful baby naturally. Yes, there is a place for hospitals in times of crisis, but for the majority of births, it isn’t necessary.

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